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Combio PhD student Krishna Kanhaiya received the “Akademikerprizet”

Krishna Kanhaiya received the so-called Akademiker prize of our university’s alumni network. The award is given periodically to “a young, promising PhD student” and it stands for our university’s prize for the best PhD student. Big congratulations Krishna, well deserved! Details:

Combio receives funding for NetPharma

Combio’s project on Network Pharmacology has received significant funding from Business Finland. This is an extension of our earlier project joint with Misvik Biology, MediSapiens, Euformatics, and Orion Pharma. The project is now extended with a collaboration with the Moffitt Cancer Research Centre in the US, with a focus on personalised cancer therapeutics. The project …

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Combio paper in Computers in Biology and Medicine

Our paper Usman Sanwal, Luigia Petre, Ion Petre – “Stepwise Construction of a Metabolic Network in Event-B: the Heat Shock Response”. The paper is highly significant as it open a new line of research, of using key formal methods-based approaches (in particular formal refinement and automatic theorem provers) for biomodeling.

Combio paper in Nature Scientific Reports

Our paper “Controlling Directed Protein Interaction Networks in Cancer” by Krishna Kanhaiya, Eugen Czeizler, Cristian Gratie, Ion Petre was published in Nature Scientific Reports. Congratulations!

Charmi Panchal receives funding from the Varsinais-Suomi Regional Cultural Fund

The Varsinais-Suomi Regional Cultural Fund has awarded Charmi Panchal a 6 month doctoral grant. Congratulations Charmi!

New Combio journal paper

Our paper S.Azimi, C.Panchal. A.Mizera, I.Petre – “Multi-Stability, Limit Cycles, and Period-Doubling Bifurcation with Reaction Systems” was accepted in the International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science. The technical report version of the paper can be found at

Combio receives funding from Tekes – Challenge Finland competition

We are happy to announce that Combio received funding for its Network pharmacology: drug re-purposing and discovery of multi-drug therapies by analytical approaches (NetPharma) project. The project is led by Dr. Eugen Czeizler. The project is funded by Tekes through its Challenge Finland competition.

Combio team receives the best paper award at CMSB 2016 on network controllability

Great news: our paper Eugen Czeizler, Cristian Gratie, Wu Kai Chiu, Krishna Kanhaiya and Ion Petre – Target Controllability of Linear Networks received the Best Paper Award at the 14th International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (CMSB). CMSB is the premiere conference on the computational methodological part of the systems biology research community. …

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Combio paper at CIBB 2016

Our paper “NetControl4BioMed – Automatic discovery of combined drug therapy” by V.Rogojin, K.Kazemi, K.Kanhaiya, E.Czeizler, I.Petre has been accepted at the 13th International Conference on Computational Intelligence Methods for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics” (CIBB). The paper reports on our recent results on the Network Controlability project.

Combio paper at CMSB 2016

Great news: our paper Eugen Czeizler, Cristian Gratie, Wy Kai Chiu, Krishna Kanhaiya, Ion Petre, Target Controllability of Linear Networks has been accepted at COmputational Methods in Systems Biology 2016, to take place at Cambridge in September.