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Seminar Series on Heat-Shock Response

Seminar Series on Heat-Shock Response

We are running seminar series on computational aspects of eukaryotic heat-shock response. We will review the work already done in our group and elsewhere and we will try to identify the challenges posed by this research. All interested in are warmly welcome.



5th of October

Dr. Ion Petre gives a talk on modeling the heat shock response. Slides in PDF are available here.


3rd of March

Dr. Ion Petre made a introductory presentation on the biological background of the heat shock response. Slides in PDF are available here.


17th of March

  • Stefan Saxen and Andreas Pada present continuous model.
  • Kristian Nylund presents discrete model. Slides in PDF are available here.


31st of March

Cristina Seceleanu presents Heat shock as a control system (the PNAS paper).


21st of April

An open general discussion on the project, sub-topics, perspectives, etc.


12th of May

Dr. Andrey Michaylov gave a talk on apoptosis. The slides in PDF are available here.


16th of June

We discussed about Gillespie’s algorithm for exact stochastic simulation of chemical reactions.


30th of August

We went over some of the topics discussed in the recent summer school on “Proteoms and Proteins” (Lipari, Italy).


13th of September

Three basic modeling approaches to biochemical reactions: differential equations, difference equations, stochastic processes were discussed.


26th of October

Matus presented some Petri nets approache to modeling biochemical processes. The slides in PowerPoint are available here.


7th of December

Henry Ato Ogoe presented several variants of Gillespie’s stochastic simulation algorithm. His presentation is available here.