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Advanced Text Algorithms

Description Text algorithms are essential in many areas of science and information processing. Very often the information is represented as a written text in the form of, e.g., newspapers, books, computer hard-drives, optical disks, the genetic information of living organisms, etc. Specific text algorithms are needed when processing the information, whether in text editors or …

Computability and Computational Complexity 2017

Description: Computability is the area of computer science that investigates computation as its main subject of interest: what is computation, how can a computation be carried out, why some problems are impossible to solve by computers, why some problems are difficult to solve, what degrees of difficulty are there. This field that was virtually inexistent some …

Cryptography and Network Security

SPRING 2017 Description We cover in this course principles and practice of cryptography and network security: classical systems, symmetric block ciphers (DES, AES, other contemporary symmetric ciphers), linear and differential cryptanalysis, perfect secrecy, public-key cryptography  (RSA, discrete logarithms), algorithms for factoring and discrete logarithms, cryptographic protocols, hash functions, authentication, key management, key exchange, signature schemes, …

Graph Algorithms 2017

Description In mathematics and computer science, graph theory is the study of graphs, which are mathematical structures used to model pairwise relations between objects. One can “observe graphs” everywhere. Virtually, any field of science, industry, commerce, politics, social life, etc. contains numerous cases of relations and processes that could be naturally represented in terms of …

Introduction to computational and systems biology

Short courses

TUCS Short Courses

Computability and computational complexity

Computational modeling techniques

Advanced computational modeling

Computational Processes in Living Cells

Introduction to Biocomputing

Special course in Computer Science: Molecular Computing

Fall, Period 1, 2015 Description During this course we will discuss a novel fast developing interdisciplinary area called Molecular Computing and will consider both its theoretical and experimental aspects. In this area biological systems and living organisms are regarded from the Computer Science perspective, molecular-scale biological processes are considered as computations, manipulations with biologically derived materials …